Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC) supports international day of persons with disabilities

Submitted by dac19-admin on Wed, 01/05/2019 - 09:04

What is it?

International day for persons with disabilities (IDPD), was first observed on the 3rd of December 1992, and has been an annual event since then. The event promotes the rights and wellbeing of disabled persons throughout the world, and focuses on an equal place in society for all. Each year a different theme is adopted, and following on from last year’s theme of ‘transformation towards a sustainable and resilient future for all’, this year’s event is focused on ‘empowering persons with disabilities for the inclusive, equitable and sustainable development envisaged in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.’ The 2030 agenda is aimed at providing ultimately a full and equal part in society for persons with a disability, by working within the 3 areas of human rights, piece and development, and security. Taken from the United Nations page about international day of persons with disabilities (external link).

To support IDPD, DAC have produced a video of one of our staff members, who talks about how his loss of vision affects him both on a professional and personal level. Physical disabilities though are not the only consideration, its worth remembering that there are many hidden disabilities which are miss understood, or not acknowledged. Persons who experience mental illness, or other life changing events are often not understood to have a disability, and can encounter different experiences depending on how they feel from day-to-day. It is not uncommon for people to have days where they feel worse than others, which again can cause difficulties when seeking support or going about their daily lives.

DAC employs members of staff which cover both physical and hidden disabilities, and we will be releasing another video over the next few days to give a view from another staff member with a hidden disability. To view our latest content check out: Our Screen Reader Analyst and team leader video for international day of persons with disabilities on YouTube.