DAC Videos

We hope you'll find these videos useful. As well as general accessibility information, they will give you an insight into our team and how they work.

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Introduction to Digital Accessibility

This animated film provides a short introduction to digital accessibility, some reasons why digital inclusion is important and 15 tips to help you start making your digital technology more accessible, usable, and inclusive. We collaborated on this video for Global Accessibility Awareness Day in 2015.

Ziad Khan's Story

The hard work of visionaries such as those at Apple have given way to an era of technology that empowers those with disabilities to live a more independent life. Ziad Khan, a website analyst at the Digital Accessibility Centre has a condition called glaucoma. In his video Ziad shares his story and explains how his iPhone has given him a new sense of independence.

Gary Thomas, Low Vision Analyst

Gary Thomas describes some of the issues and challenges he faces when accessing websites and digital media.


AccessIn real-time accessibility maintenance tool

An overview of our AccessIn real-time accessibility maintenance tool and support package and how it works when a user spots an accessibility issue.

Jaws on a PC

Carly's demonstrations of JAWS on a PC and VoiceOver on an iOS device.

ZoomText with Speech

Ziad Kahn, one of our low vision analysts demonstrates ZoomText with Speech.

Accessibility Issues

One of our Colour Contrast and Readability Analysts, Joy Robey, demonstrates accessibility issues.

Dragon Naturally Speaking.

One of our Voice Activation Analysts, Rebecca Morgan, demonstrates Dragon Naturally Speaking.

JAWS to highlight accessibility issues

One of our Screen Reader Analysts, Jamie Purvis, demonstrating JAWS to highlight accessibility issues.