Cambridge Core Accreditation

Digital Accessibility Centre Certificate of Accreditation

Accreditation Certificate Number: Cambridge Core /01

Client: Cambridge University Press

Product: Cambridge Core

Certificate issue date: 25 February 2022

Platform: Desktop and mobile


To achieve certification each product undergoes a manual technical compliance review against WCAG 2.1 to level AA.

The product underwent both a technical compliance audit and robust end to end testing by users with a wide range of disabilities including blind, low vision, dyslexia, colour blindness, mobility impairments, learning difficulties, Deaf, Asperger and anxiety and panic disorder.

All testing is carried out in line with relevant platform specific guidelines, and where applicable, conforms with The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018. Testing also conforms to Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Known Accessibility Issues

Scope of Testing

Task 1 - Registration

Registration - Enter Mr in Title
Registration - Select United Kingdom in Country
Registration - Enter your First Name.
Registration - Enter your Last Name.
Registration - Enter you DAC Email Address
Registration - Enter DAC into Organisation
Registration - Enter any Password you are comfortable with
Registration - Confirm Password
Registration - Confirm Terms of Service
Registration - Click Register
Registration - Click verification link in the email that has been sent to your DAC email address.

Task 2 - Login

Login - Enter DAC email address.
Login - Enter Password
Click Login

Task 3 - Searching for Content

Search - Under Content type select ‘Books'.
Search - Under Publication date select ‘Forthcoming'.
Search - Enter into the search bar enter ‘The Attack on Higher Education'.
Search -Click ‘The Attack on Higher Education.

Task 4 - Browsing for Content

Subject Listing - Click ‘Medicine'.
Medicine Page - Click ‘British Journal of Nutrition'.
British Journal of Nutrition - create an alert

Task 5 - Article Code Ocean

Scroll down until you reach the Results chapter.
On the Results chapter there will be a Code Ocean application, Click edit capsule
Click Login
Click Reproducible Run

Task 6 - Visual Abstract

Chaco Research - Scroll down and click on the expandable image to increase its size
Chaco Research - Click ‘Save PDF'
Chaco Research - Click ‘Save PDF'
Chaco Research - Click ‘Share'
Chaco Research - Click ‘Share Content'
Chaco Research - Click ‘Within PDF (Makes a new tab)

Task 7 - Article Abstract Replacement Image

Historical Legacies - Scroll down and click on the expandable image to increase its size.
Historical Legacies - Click Metrics
Historical Legacies - View Data Table for this Chart
Historical Legacies - Test Page

Task 8 - Book Full Text Search

URL - Risk Pregnancy - In the Search field enter ‘Complications arise more frequently during the first trimester than at any other stage of pregnancy'.
High Risk Pregnancy - Click Early Parental Problems
High Risk Pregnancy - Click Export Citation
High Risk Pregnancy - Click Word
High Risk Pregnancy - Click Close
High Risk Pregnancy - Click View HTML

Task 9 - Article Read only View

Granular Suspensions - Test page

Task 10 - Book Read only View

Managing Test Process - Test Page

Task 11 - Open Article Access

River Turtle Article - Scroll down and click on the expandable image to increase its size
River Turtle Article - Click ‘Save PDF'
River Turtle Article - Click ‘Save PDF'
River Turtle Article - Click ‘Share'
River Turtle Article - Click ‘Share Content'
River Turtle Article - Click ‘Within PDF (Makes a new tab)
River Turtle Article - Test Page

Task 12 - Restricted Article Access

Restricted Access - Test Page

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