University of the Arts London testimonial

University of the Arts logo Kelly Harrison

As part of our digital transformation programme at University of the Arts London (UAL) we have been putting guidance and governance in place for our digital channels. Part of this was accessibility guidance for anyone involved in developing websites and software, or liaising with digital agencies or freelance developers.


To ensure people were able to follow the guidance, I thought it was essential our digital developers across the university received training on how to achieve WCAG ‘A’ and ‘AA’ compliance. I chose Digital Accessibility Centre based on their comprehensive outline agenda for a two day training session, and the excellent price. I wasn’t disappointed. Gavin the trainer was really knew his stuff. Alongside an invaluable practical demonstration of how users of accessibility software navigate and use websites and mobile apps, the developers looked at various aspects of our own website on both desktop and mobile devices to see how it exposes data and functionality. 


The developers came away with a much deeper understanding and awareness of accessibility, and a series of recommendations and good practices to implement both now and in all future digital projects. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend DAC.