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Channel 4 has been working with the Digital Accessibility Centre since it’s inception in January 2011. The DAC provide us with a broad range of accessibility services, including auditing, policy writing and training, all of which are delivered to very high standards of professionalism. However it is their on-site consultancy offering which we have found most useful. Once a fortnight a DAC consultant spends a day on-site with us and is able to review projects and discuss queries with anyone who is interested. He has a very thorough knowledge of accessibility and is able to provide advice and practical solutions to variety of issues and questions. This has been immensely helpful in raising the issue of digital inclusion around the office. Many colleagues find this approach much more flexible than a traditional audit. On several occasions the consultant has also brought one of DAC’s disabled team members with him and this has been incredibly illuminating. There is no substitute for being able to speak directly to someone with a disability and talk to them about their experiences and hear their anecdotes about everyday life as a user of assistive technology. I think this approach in particular has really helped Channel 4 employees to gain a greater understanding of how disabled people use digital technologies.

2012 Paralympic Games

As we put in place exciting plans for our coverage of the 2012 Paralympic Games and in light of the reaffirmation of Channel 4's public service role set out in the Digital Economy Act 2010, Channel 4 takes its commitment to online accessibility very seriously. Our policy is to ensure this website meets recognised international standards for accessibility to ensure it is accessible to all. We are fully committed to ensuring this website meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) to AA standard to ensure people with disabilities are not excluded from accessing information and services. To this end, we work closely with the Digital Accessibility Centre to ensure the accessibility of all Channel 4 websites, including detailed testing by disabled people using a range of assistive devices such as screen readers.