Our future plans at Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC)

Here at Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC), we are constantly trying to keep up with the changes in technology and how they relate to accessibility, and what this means for end-users as well as our clients. From the regular updates to smart TV’s, desktop and mobile operating systems, to changes in guidelines and legislation, it’s our aim to achieve the best we can for all concerned. We are currently in the process of doing more to better serve our clients, including recruiting more members of staff. We intend to recruit more analysts to our testing team, just head over to our vacancies page for more information.

What else are we doing at DAC?

We are evaluating our services and looking at what we can develop, in order to better serve our clients. Our public presence on the web is also changing, as we are developing a new website. Stay tuned and we look forward to providing you with further updates soon.