Tom Shaw's 2nd day with DAC


DAC this week welcomes our two new technical team support officers, Andrew Northmore-Thomas and Week on the Streets' external website campaigner for autism, Tom Nasmyth-Shaw.

Tom would like to share his first week on board the DAC team with you.

Day 2:

A full office today!

I think I managed to count 14 people in the office coming into work that all had their own role to play. People of all walks of life and all disabilities making their way to their workstations ready for the day ahead. I introduced myself to the team and settled down at my workstation to check some e-mails before awaiting guidance of what today would bring. Everyone was told they needed to ensure latest versions of all browsing platforms (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari for the iMac) were installed on their systems, as the client would like their webpage tested on the latest ones.

First, my job was to ensure that everyone had cleared their cache. Next, I was paired up with a young man whose job role at the DAC is a Cognitive Analyst. This sounded interesting. ‘X’ has a learning difficulty, but his knowledge of accessibility was of a high standard. I observed his testing methods and no problems were found with this particular analysts testing. Looking around the room I could see that everyone had their own testing methods using various software. Some testers are very experienced and some need more support to help them get through difficult areas.

I floated around the office for the rest of the time looking at the different testing methods being used and providing technical support when needed.

After lunch Deb, one of the Technical Auditor's here at the DAC, who’s showing me the ropes, asked if I would like to have a go at collating all the information gathered from the analysts, and compile this into a report ready for the Technical Auditors.

3:00pm approached and my working day had come to an end. I decided to stay on for a couple of hours as I had started a piece of work that I felt needed finishing whilst the information was still fresh in my memory.

Deb hasn’t overloaded me with information and I enjoy her way of explaining the job role. I’m told as working weeks go, this is a relatively quiet week, so I’m glad I have this opportunity to sit down and absorb as much information and practices as possible.

The environment this week has been perfect for learning. However, jobs are coming in all the time so I better learn quickly!

Enjoying so far. . . .

Tom – Technical Team Support Officer