Tom Shaw's 3rd day with DAC


DAC this week welcomes our two new technical team support officers, Andrew Northmore-Thomas and Week on the Streets' external website campaigner for autism, Tom Nasmyth-Shaw.

Tom would like to share his first week on board the DAC team with you.

Day 3:

I’m learning more and more each day. I was offered to sit in on another conference call today that’ll give me an insight into where a job starts and how it ends. The call was from a council in England that would like their Intranet tested on all browser platforms and mobile devices. Interesting stuff!

I also spent a portion of the morning as Tech Support for a high functioning man with Asperger’s Syndrome. Very smart man who was testing the home page of a website of a very well-known award winning mobile network. I’m really enjoying my first couple of days here at the DAC and it’s really opened my eyes to the digital world and what can be done to make sure it’s accessible to everyone!

Tom – Technical Team Support Officer