From my point of view: A blind person's perspective.

16/06/2016 Written by Mike Taylor (Senior Accessibility Analyst DAC.)


Over the next few weeks we will be publishing the thoughts of our team of analysts, which include people who are blind, people who have dyslexia, colour blindness, limited mobility and other disabilities. The point of this series of posts is to give a true indication of how we believe society and the technological advances have improved our lives. Starting our series are some comments from my colleagues and I from a blind persons point of view.

For my part I believe that mobile technology has exceeded what I imagined it could do when I got my first mobile phone 18 years ago. I remember thinking that it is great I can call, and be contacted where ever I am, but wouldn’t it be good if this thing could announce button functions, announce menu items, read contact info and text messages. Fast forward to now and not only can I do all that, I can do much more including controlling my sky box, to remotely accessing my PC, and producing documents. Oh yes and it’s a touch screen device so I am able to get more access to information and communicate even more independently than I could all those years ago. People in general seem to be less worried about asking me questions relating to blindness or how I do things, although there is still an element of a lack of awareness among some people. Some still assume what I can or cannot do, which I admit is frustrating. If I could ask one thing it would be to please ask questions if needed, I would rather respond to a question and confirm if I can or cannot do something rather than a person take a guess and get it wrong.