From my point of view: a low vision user perspective.

02/08/2016 Edited by Mike Taylor Senior Accessibility Analyst (DAC.)


Welcome to the next post in our series of ‘my point of view’. The point of this series is to give a true indication of how we believe society and the technological advances have improved our lives. Our post this week has some comments from one of our low vision analysts, as he gives us his own experiences of his use of assistive technology.

Assisted Technology, Does It Work… Yes but with a little trial and error thrown in. It’s not always the case that a user finds the assisted technology that suits their requirements and needs first time round. With the best of intentions a potential user is left up to the ability of an assessor to understand what a user needs but most importantly, how they cope with the varying nuances of different technical platforms and assisted technology.

My personal experiences were that I tried JAWS and Supernova with little success, however, when trying out ZoomText I found an instant connect with the software and was able to understand quickly how to best maximise the available options of the software. How has assisted technology helped me? By allowing me to access the outside world via my laptop. For example, being able to access local news, local council services, also having the independence to search and order a take-away. Simple tasks that for many can be taken for granted, but for those facing a sensory or physical impairment challenge on a daily basis nothing can ever be taken for granted.