Introducing WCAG 2.1.

22/03/2017 written by Mike Taylor


Anyone with an interest in the web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG,) will no doubt be aware of WCAG 2.1. Version 2.1 is open for feedback and suggestions until 31/03/2017, and has been published to take in to consideration the increase of mobile devices, and the accessibility of such devices using assistive technology.

Most of us will now use a smart phone, or have a portable device with internet capability, and more devices are thankfully now being shipped with accessible solutions built in to their respective operating systems. As a result, it’s vital that online content and user interfaces among other things are as accessible as possible to as many user groups as possible. While still in the early stages, it’s great to know that WCAG is moving to take in to account the inclusion of mobile and tablet devices. To read more about WCAG2.1 and to add comments and suggestions before March 31st, visit: The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 pages.