The future of Artificial Intelligence: A future for all


We now live in a world where artificial intelligence, and assistive technology is more accessible than ever before. In my previous post ‘the update round up’, I highlight some of the new updates to Apple, Windows, Android and iOS; and how each offering will improve access to content on mobile and desktop devices for various user groups. What about the day-to-day usage of artificial intelligence though? It’s actually closer to hand than we think.

Artificial intelligence or (AI), is fast becoming the norm in our daily lives. The first thing to identify is that it doesn’t just help people who have additional access requirements, all users regardless of whether or not they use assistive hardware or software benefit from using AI. If you have ever asked a virtual assistant such as Siri, Google, Alexa or Cortana to do something, you’re using AI. The technology is also developing to learn what we use most of all, and adapt to our digital habits. So if you frequently use Cortana to open aps or set reminders, it will become familiar with this task, and any others you use.

The use of AI can be incorporated in to apps, something which is on the increase with updates to the various desktop and mobile operating systems. This means that any third-party items which are installed to a device will be able to take advantage of AI, as long as the developer has included this functionality when producing the app. One app for iOS which is aimed at supporting blind or low vision users is Seeing AI. The app has various features including document scanning, a barcode reader, and the ability to share information via the iOS share sheet. This means that the app will be able to identify items from the camera roll, allowing users to include names for individuals in a picture such as relatives for example. So the use of AI is increasing as the updates and overall development of technology continues.

Additional Resources

To learn more about AI including the Seeing AI app, visit the following pages. *Note* The Seeing AI app is not available in the UK app store at the time of writing, when it is I will be giving it a good run through. The Seeing AI app for iOS (external link). The Cortana website (external link). All about Siri (external link). All about the Google Assistant (external link).