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CTM North Limited - Online booking tool - Lightning Accreditation

Digital Accessibility Centre Certificate of Accreditation

Accreditation Certificate Number:

01 CTM North Limited - Online booking tool - Lightning /02


CTM North Limited


CTM North Limited - Online booking tool - Lightning

Certificate issue date:

Certificate expiry date:

Certificate status:

Note that the tool is undergoing recertification in April 2023


Desktop and Mobile


To achieve certification each undergoes a manual technical compliance review against WCAG 2.1 to level AA.

The underwent both a technical compliance audit and robust end to end testing by users with a wide range of disabilities including blind, low vision, dyslexia, colour blindness, mobility impairments, learning difficulties, Deaf, Asperger and anxiety and panic disorder.

All testing is carried out in line with relevant platform specific guidelines, and where applicable, conforms with The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018. Testing also conforms to Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

List of issues

CTM are aware of the following and are working hard to resolve them.

  • when in focus, the colour of the 'Skip to Result Content' and the 'Skip to tickets' link fails colour contrast ratios
  • the 'Select 'Train St/ Airport' dropdown does not currently function correctly for keyboard users
  • when filtering hotels the updated content does not currently announce to screen reader users


User journeys tested for this certification

The following user journeys were tested and subsequently certified

Welcome please Login page

  1. enter DAC email and click 'Recover Forgotten Password'
  2. reset your password
  3. sign in page

Sign in Page

  1. sign in with DAC email and your password

User admin

  1. modal will appear
  2. click ok on the settings
  3. layer that appears and then click return to lightning

Lightning Home page

  1. select New Bookings

New Booking page

  1. book train travel
  2. select open return
  3. select the date 7/10/21
  4. select the time 07:00
  5. select search

Results page

  1. click on £375.40 on return fares to add to the cart
  2. click on 'continue' on the cart

Book hotel page

  1. enter 'Westminster' for hotel name
  2. click search ( results will load)

Search results page

  1. click view rate options
  2. in the modal that appears click on 'info and add to basket' on Bigger room for single
  3. select click 'Add to basket' ( basket will update)
  4. select 'continue' on the cart

Basket page

  1. select 'add taxi'

Booking page

  1. date: 07/10/2021
  2. time: 12:30
  3. select Train St/ Airport
  4. enter London Paddington station
  5. drop off address: select Accessibility Audit 2 Humboldt Street, BD1 5HQ f
  6. save address
  7. drop off via select Accessibility Audit 2 Humboldt Street, BD1 5HQ
  8. save address
  9. select wheel chair on request
  10. click Search

Search Page

  1. select Girlington Taxis (Bradford)
  2. Select 'continue' on cart

Basket page

  1. select 'add taxi'

Booking page

  1. enter date: 8/10/2021
  2. enter time: 9:00
  3. select address: Accessibility Audit 2 Humboldt Street, BD1 5HQ
  4. save address
  5. drop off:Select train ST/ Airport
  6. select London Paddington railway station f
  7. make sure wheel chair option is selected
  8. click search

Search results page

  1. select Girlington Taxis (Bradford)
  2. add to basket, ( basket will update)
  3. select 'continue' on cart

Basket page

  1. select 'add flight'

Booking page

  1. select Outbound flight: Manchester
  2. select flying to: Belfast City
  3. flight date outbound: 09/10/2021
  4. flight date inbound: 09/10/2021
  5. select Business class on both outbound and inbound
  6. click search ( this will load results)

Results page

  1. outbound: click on 'show details and fares' on first option available
  2. inbound: click on 'show details and fares' on first option available
  3. cart will update
  4. select 'continue' on cart

Basket page

  1. select 'Add airport parking'

Booking page

  1. select Airport: Manchester
  2. outward and inward return date: 09/10/2021
  3. click search ( loading results)

Results page

  1. select APH: add to basket ( cart will update)
  2. select 'continue' on cart

Basket/ cart page

  1. select continue with basket
  2. passenger Modal will appear - test the modal, click stop booking

Basket page

  1. select the home icon
  2. confirmation needed click on 'OK' to return to home page


This certificate was issued on the and represents the state of the pages audited on this date. Any further changes after the accreditation date are not covered by this certificate.

Additionally, any pages/areas of the website not listed the above scope of testing are also not covered by this certificate as we cannot guarantee their accessibility state.

We audit against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines V2.1 level A and level AA to test how accessible the website is, using theWebsite Accessibility Conformance Evaluation Methodology (WCAG-EM) to evaluate conformance.