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Financial Times

Digital Accessibility Centre Certificate of Accreditation

Accreditation Certificate Number: FT Website /01

Client: Financial Times

Product: https://www.ft.com/

Certificate Issued From: 10th April 2018 Until: 10th April 2019

Platform: Desktop & Mobile


Each Accreditation undergoes a manual expert review followed by user testing with actual devices.

The product is also tested by a team of experienced web analysts, all of whom have a disability. User testing has been conducted including individuals who are blind, have low vision, are dyslexic, colour blind, mobility impaired, have a learning difficulty and also deafness.

Known Accessibility Issues

ft.com includes third party content that did not form part of the accessibility testing:

  • https://markets.ft.com/
  • https://myaccount.ft.com/
Membership - including (accounts.ft.com, myaccount.ft.com)

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