Meet the Team

Team members at the DAC have many years’ experience in the accessibility arena, and are invited experts on the W3C panel.

Each person has specialist skills, experience and knowledge, and the testing team have a range of disabilities which give them great insight and knowledge about the true accessibility of media.

You are more than welcome to come and visit the team and find out more about our user testing service.


Cam Nicholl – Sales & Services Director

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Cam has worked in the accessibility field for 9 years and is a highly professional, motivated, innovative individual, whose passion for accessibility is widely acknowledged and respected in the field. Cam has built solid working relationships with many large organisations in both the corporate and public sectors in the UK. She has also been working from a global platform, servicing sales from the United States, Australia, France and Belgium.

Cam has a good practical knowledge of assistive software and their application to the Web in addition to sound knowledge of relevant legislation, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and other international legislation surrounding accessibility.

Member of International Guild of Accessible Web Designers (


Gavin Evans – Operations Director

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Gavin has been working in the field of accessibility for the last 9 years and is a well organised professional person, working with organisations on a global basis to improve the user experience for individuals with disabilities. His focus is ensuring that organisations provide accessible platforms for people with access issues, whether it be internal applications or external facing websites, mobile offerings, Gaming or IPTV user interfaces.

He has an extremely good working knowledge of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) and Mobile Web Best Practices (MWBP), with the ability to apply these guidelines in the real world and how this impacts on users with disabilities.


Geraint Bevan – Team Manager

Geraint has worked in the accessibility field for the last 6 years and is very experienced in using many different types of assistive technologies and automated tools. Geraint is also a highly skilled technical auditor and has a good working knowledge of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0).

Geraint also has experience in teaching a range of individuals at various levels of IT including teaching assistive technologies from a beginner level through to advanced.


Linn Muller - International Finance Manager

Linn joined the company in February 2012 as Office Manager. Linn is now responsible for DAC's International Finances. Linn has 24 years’ experience in an accountancy environment. Linn was previously PA to a Senior Partner in a large firm of Accountants based in SE England.


Lee Stone – Technical Reviewer

Lee is an experienced keyboard only user and is proficient with JAWS, Dragon and ZoomText. He has worked in the accessibility field for 4 years. Lee’s background is in care and working with disabled people, which has assisted him in his role at DAC. Lee supports the accessibility audits by helping the DAC team of web testers gather their results, and by quality checking and compiling them into the report before it is passed on for technical auditing.


Deborah Roberts – Senior Technical Accessibility Consultant

Deb joined DAC in 2012 as a web developer after graduating from Swansea University. Deb has personal experience of disabilities namely Multiple Sclerosis and could see how important digital accessibility was in maintaining independence.

Deb now undertakes technical audits and assists clients with code fixes where required to ensure digital products are accessible.

Tom Nasmyth- Shaw – Team Support Officer

Tom joined the Digital Accessibility Centre in February 2015 and has since become an integral part of the team. Tom's role includes supporting our very experienced in-house analysts, working closely with clients in the testing process and is as of now working closely with our developers gaining the relevant experience within HTML/CSS to be able to help solve the more complex issues for clients and hopefully become part of the technical team in the future.

Tom’s brief background lies within the charity sector having founded his own children’s charity, Active for Autism/Week on the Street, by providing crucial funding for children with Autism in Wales to access early intervention therapies, specialist equipment or sensory toys. Tom enjoys boxing, reading and playing football, having recently opened his town’s very first boxing gym catering for all walks of life, including children with disabilities.

A UK charity award winner and Pride of Britain finalist, Tom is looking forward to a long and successful career with the Digital Accessibility Centre and is excited for the future.

Andrew Northmore-Thomas - Development Manager and Senior Technical Auditor

Andrew has worked for the Digital Accessibility Centre since February 2015 as a Technical Auditor and Support Officer. He has a background in System Analysing, Network Administration and Programming, with 25 years’ experience in IT including being an alumni of the both the Universities of Wales: Glamorgan & Cardiff. Andrew’s experiences colour deficiency, auditory dyslexia and is losing his vision to diabetes.


Rebecca Morgan – Voice Activation & Keyboard Only Analyst and Voice Activation Team Leader

Becs is a voice activation analyst. She tests websites using voice activation software called Dragon Naturally Speaking. This means that Becs can use the computer through voice commands. Becs has a BA (hons) in Education Studies and Social Inclusion, and has recently completed a PTLLS course in online teaching. Becs is a wheel-chair user with limited mobility in her upper limbs.

Robert Parsells - Web Tester

Robert joined the DAC in April 2016 as a web analyst working with dragon, a speech recognition software, which helps him with low dexterity in his hands. Rob comes from a testing background, having worked as a test technician in the only climatic wind tunnel in Wales where he was responsible for the preparation and testing of vehicles at temperatures varying between -20 degrees and + 40 degrees to simulate testing in all different countries. Rob has also been a bus driver in Bristol before ending up with Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP).


Gary Thomas – Low Vision and Screen Magnification Analyst and Low Vision Team Leader

Gary Thomas is a low vision analyst, and has worked in the accessibility field for 5 years. Gary has diabetic retinopathy, which has affected his sight to an extent that he is blind in one eye and has very limited vision in the other. Gary currently uses Zoom-Text screen magnification software.


James O'Kane – Team Support Officer

James O’Kane is a web accessibility analyst who has worked for the Digital Accessibility Centre since January 2012. From a young age, it was suspected that James might be colour blind and this was confirmed when he applied to join the Army. This meant that the number of jobs available to him in the Armed Forces were significantly diminished so he sought employment elsewhere. James was screened as Dyslexic in his early teens and has developed various coping strategies to overcome this including the use of assistive software such as Read & Write Gold and Dragon Naturally Speaking.

James is primarily responsible for reporting access issues he encounters from a colour blind and dyslexic perspective but his other duties include supporting his colleagues and compiling their findings into a full report. He is also responsible for producing design reviews of images or templates which means he must assess potential access issues that may be encountered by users of various abilities. The Digital Accessibility Centre can provide videos of its staff in interview and demonstrating their access issues which James is tasked with producing. This includes the preparation, filming, editing, captioning and delivering of said videos.


Mike Jones – Screen Reader Analyst and Screen Reader Analyst Team Leader

Mike Jones is a screen reader analyst here at DAC. He specializes in a range of screen reader software such as Jaws, NVDA and Voice over although has experience using other software such as Talk Back, Narrator and Window-Eyes. He has over two and a half years of testing experience, although has used a range of software for over ten years. Mike joined us after completing a Law degree at the University of Swansea. Mike prides himself on his attention to detail, ensuring that testing is undertaken to allow the widest range of accessibility for blind users. Mike lost the remainder of his sight eight years ago, meaning that he is ideally placed not only to explain the screen reader aspect of accessibility, but to relate this in a visual context to sighted clients. In his spare time Mike enjoys playing with his two young children, following sport and researching history.

Michael Taylor – Senior Accessibility Analyst and Comms and Training Manager

Mike Taylor is a Senior Accessibility Analyst, and has been using screen reading software for over 20 years. Mike tests websites and applications using different screen readers on various platforms as required, and posts content to the DAC social media feeds and website. Mike has been blind since birth, and prior to working in accessibility he completed a post graduate teacher training course at Swansea Metropolitan University. Mike is also a sound engineer and musician, and provides an audio editing service in his spare time. He is a proud dad and loves to spend time with his family, and also has experience in web development after self-training on various packages.


Ziad Khan Low Vision Analyst and Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC) Ambassador

Ziad was born and educated in Cardiff. Ziad suffered a severe visual impairment in 2009 and quickly sought rehabilitation to enable him to resume work. Ziad learned to touch type and was also trained on Zoom Text and after several months of volunteer work Ziad was employed by a local charity assisting people who had suffered a visual impairment. Ziad has been employed by The Digital Accessibility Centre as a web tester since his contract at the local charity came to an end.


Jonathan Brew – Web Tester

Jonathan has been employed as a Web Tester since October 2012 and has a learning difficulty; he is 20 years old and is interested in all aspects of IT. Jonathan has experience in computer maintenance and upkeep and studied computers in college – First Diploma.


Dan Jolley – Team Support Officer

Dan has a background in Digital Inclusion, Social Enterprise Development and Sales and Marketing. His role is to support the team during testing activities ensuring that team members are able to test effectively. Dan also writes funding bids for DAC.

Originally from the North West of England, he now lives in Swansea. Dan is a keen walker and can often be found around the coast of South Wales with his two dogs.


Hugh Saunders – Support Worker/Web Tester

Hugh is a support worker (and sometimes a tester) at The DAC. Hugh has been teaching IT for about 16 years with students aged between 16 and 85. Within that role, using diverse software, he teaches students with many types of disabilities. Hugh’s role is to support the staff as they use the various hardware and software systems to enable them to complete their work.


William Treharne – Web Tester

William has been a volunteer in Web Accessibility for six years, 2 of which have been spent working at the Digital Accessibility Centre. William has always been deaf and has had a cochlear implant since 1994. William can speak although cannot hear and lip reads well. He is currently learning sign language, has an HNC in Electronics and a level 3 Legal Executive Qualification. William checks subtitling and layout for desktop and mobile devices.


Andrew Windsor – Low Vision and Readability Analyst

Andrew started working for us in July, he is partially sighted and is a low vision & readability website analyser. He has experience of working with disabled people through studying at Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford. Before joining DAC, he worked as a Network Technician at a school maintaining 300+ computers.

Andrew uses screen magnification to test websites using Dolphin SuperNova Access Suite. He understands basic HTML and in his spare time learns HTML5.